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Hotfix for LDAP user login failed & webservice user locked in Flexnet Operations 2022 R1

Hotfix for LDAP user login failed & webservice user locked in Flexnet Operations 2022 R1


This article explains in detail the hotfix "" which is there in the product download centre for Flexnet Operations 2022.R1


There are two fixes in the hotfix.

  1. FNO-68527 - Login failed into FNO after adding the domain user using AddDomainUser web service.
  2. SWM-11962 - When running a SOAP call to Authenticate users if a password is incorrectly used it then it will clock the user from being able to make a call with the correct details.

Steps to Reproduce

The following steps should be used to replicate the issues.

  1. FNO-68527 - Adding domain (LDAP) user using v3/UserAcctHierarchyService --> addDomainUser request and after a successful response the user successfully added in the domain (LDAP domain). However the user was not able to log in to the FNO portal with an LDAP username and password, it was failing to login and expected the reset the password.
  2. SWM-11962 - Use the wrong password to run the web service once and then try to use the right password and see the error in the web service response "java.rmi.RemoteException: Error Authenticating User:No value provided for key tenant_id; nested exception is: [Incident# 9504-176759] com.flexnet.platform.exceptions.WebServiceException: No value provided for key tenant_id"


The following workaround can also help to fix the issue temporarily however to fix the issue then we have to install the hotfix on top of FNO 2022.R1. 

  1. FNO-68527 - Try to add the user from the Producer portal (Create user -> select the domain -> add domain user with required roles), then the user was able to login with an LDAP username and password without any error. 
  2. SWM-11962 - Try to login into the producer portal with the correct password and then use the correct password to run the web service. 

Fix Version and Resolution

The hotfix for this issue is been added into the PLC and you can find the fix location as per the image.



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