Flexera System Status Dashboard

Flexera System Status Dashboard


The Flexera System Status Dashboard (https://status.flexera.com) provides real-time availability information on Flexera?s cloud products: FlexNet Operations ALM, FlexNet Operations LLM, FlexNet Manager Suite, and Software Vulnerability Manager.


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Flexera System Status Dashboard
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Systems and
(Note: UAT availability is scheduled for a future release.)
FlexNet Operations LLM Production
  • FlexNet Operations Reporter
  • FlexNet Embedded License Activation Services
  • FlexNet Embedded License Usage Service
  • FlexNet Operations LLM Production Producer Portal
  • FlexNet Operations End User Portal
  • FlexNet Operations LLM Production Device API
FlexNet Operations ALM Production
  • FlexNet Operations ALM End User Portal
  • FlexNet Operations ALM Producer Portal
  • FlexNet Embedded License Activation Service
  • FlexNet Embedded License Usage Service
  • FlexNet Connect Production: FlexNet Connect Update Service (flexnetoperations.com); FlexNet Connect Update Service (installsheild.com); FlexNet Connect Publisher Service
???FlexNet Manager Suite - North America
  • FlexNet Manager Suite US Beacon Communication
  • FlexNet Manager Suite US Inventory Upload
  • FlexNet Manager Suite US Login Page
FlexNet Manager Suite - Europe
  • FlexNet Manager Suite EU Beacon Communication
  • FlexNet Manager Suite EU Inventory Upload
  • FlexNet Manager Suite EU Login Page
Software Vulnerability Manager
Corporate Software Inspector v7
  • ?Corporate Software Inspector Portal
  • Corporate Software Inspector Agent Interface
Source of Data Reported in the System Status Page Zabbix, an open source product, is the source of the information which monitors and automatically feeds data to the Flexera System Status Dashboard. Zabbix runs its monitoring test from three different end points across the U.S. All three end points must fail for greater than five minutes for it to be reflected in the Dashboard. If all three end points have an issue lasting less than five minutes, it will not be reported in either the external or internal system status dashboard. Five servers support Flexera?s cloud products. A load balancer manages the activity load. Due to traffic, any one of these servers may need to be ?taken out of the mix? either manually or automatically.

Additional Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the public URL for the Flexera System Status Dashboard?
A. https://status.flexera.com

Q. What exactly does this Dashboard display?
A. The dashboard is intended to provide real-time insights into Production service availability. The goal is for you to confirm or rule out a system disruption prior to contacting our Support Team.
From the Dashboard display, you can subscribe for either email or SMS notifications. There is an option to select/de-select your product preferences to limit which notifications you receive for a specific cloud service availability.
Note: By default, you are automatically opted into notifications for all our cloud products. We recommend updating your preferences so you only receive notifications for the cloud products you are using.

Q. How do I update my subscribed products?

A. There are two methods.
1. From the Status page (
https://status.flexera.com/), click the "Subscribe to Updates" button in the upper right. Enter the email address and phone number you used to subscribe and you will be presented with you current subscriptions. You may make changes to your subscriptions from here.
2. Click on the Manage Your Subscriptions located at the bottom of a Flexera notification. You will be redirected to the manage your subscriptions page. See screenshots below:
Manage Your Subscription Link
User-added image

Q. How can I track cloud service availability in UAT?
A. For now, the Dashboard only displays Production availability. While we are not displaying UAT data, we will still use the Dashboard to send maintenance notifications. Unlike Production notifications, you will not receive reminders about the start of UAT maintenance.

Q. What time zone does the Flexera System Status Dashboard display?
A. All times displayed in the Flexera System Status Dashboard (including the start and stop of the maintenance windows) are in the Pacific Time Zone.

Q. How is this different than the other cloud up-time pages located in the product?
A. The Dashboard provides greater insight to hourly, daily, and weekly monitoring as well as incident history details. It will be the one-source of truth for cloud service availability.

Q. How do I sign up for a notification?
A. Once you are on the page, click Subscribe to Updates in the upper right hand corner. Your email address and phone number will only be used for site availability notifications related to the Flexera System Status Dashboard, it will not be used for any other purpose.
Note: Only subscribe individual email addresses, do not subscribe an email group.

Q. I am not receiving notifications even though I completed the subscription process.
A. You may not have confirmed your subscription. The Dashboard requires you to do this via the subscription email. Please resubscribe, using the same email, and confirm you email. address. See screenshot below.:
Notification Subscription Confirmation

Q. What email address do the notifications come from?
A. Flexera Notifications - noreply@flexera.com

Q. How can I remove myself from the notification list?
A. Click Subscribe to Updates and enter the email address or phone number used when you originally subscribed. The system will recognize your prior information and present options that will allow you to unsubscribe or update your preference.
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