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FlexNet Operations Reporter LLM - User Defined Fields (UDFs)

FlexNet Operations Reporter LLM - User Defined Fields (UDFs)


Display User Defined Fields in FNO Cloud (LLM) Reporter


User Defined Fields (UDFs) are additional customized fields which can be added to expand the FlexNet Operations service. They can be displayed to end users through your End-User Portal if included in your implementation or simply be used for reporting purposes. UDFs in FlexNet Operations Cloud LLM can be set at the following levels: Account, Member, Entitlement, Order Line, Catalog Item, Product and File. If you don't already have UDFs on your site and have questions or would like to implement some for reporting or application changes, please contact support for assistance.


Since User Defined Fields are by their nature custom, they are shown in Reporter by an assigned UDF number (UDF 1 Value, UDF 2 Value, etc.) and not the name viewable in FlexNet Operations. To identify which UDF number matches to what you see in the application, you can run the standard report "UDF User Defined Field List":User-added image

Below is an example of results from running the UDF User Defined Field List showing the mapping of each UDF number by level. In this example, Account Level UDF 1 represents Image URL, Account Level UDF 2 represents Corporate Account Identifier, etc. Note that the data below is based on a demo site so not indicative of your implementation.
User-added image

Once you know which UDF number maps to the UDFs want to add to your report, you can select the appropriate UDF number value. Below example shows where the Account User Defined Field folder and UDF label and value:
User-added image

If you didn't run the report to identify which value to use or just want to be sure you mapped correctly, you can also include both the label and the value for each UDF (note it will only show the label if there is a value to report):
User-added image

You can then change the column header to be more descriptive than the object name. Double click on the column header and set to the name of the UDF (Example, replace Account UDF Value 1 with Image URL and Account UDF Value 2 with Corporate Account Identifier). Remove the label fields if desired:
User-added image

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