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Converter Template

Converter Template

Transaction files support two formats: xml and unicode text file.
In order to upload a transaction using a Unicode text file, FlexNet Operations provides Convert Templates functionality.

You can download the converter template under Administer menu in the Producer Portal.
Use the Account Management Template for uploading transactions for managing accounts and members
Use the Entitlement Management Template for uploading transactions for managing Entitlements
Use the Package Products Template for uploading transactions for managing product lines, manufacturer, catalog items, products, and files
Use the Device Management Template for uploading transactions for managing FlexNet Embedded integration
Use the Setup Management Template for uploading transactions for managing user-defined fields

The following example is to upload a unicode text file for order transaction (AddOrder)
In the template, two tabs can be used to create an order: AddOrder and AddUpdateOrder.
1)The AddOrder tab will create a new order. However, when the order id preexists, this transaction fails. Mandatory requiremenet is to have a unique order id.
2)The AddUpdateOrder tab will create a new order if it does not exist as well as update the order if it exists.

The following columns should be populated:
• AccountID (should be the same across months)
• OrderID (for the new month - this translates to the Entitlement ID in the UI)
• LineNumber
• SKU (Catalog Item ID)
• EffectiveDate: If left blank, it will take the current date the order is created
• ExpirationDate: If left blank, expiration date is one year from EffectiveDate
• Quantity

The remaining columns in the template are optional. Few are explained below.
• OrderDate (This is not the entitlement effective date. It is an entitlement level attribute)
• TO, CC, BCC (Only if you want the order notification email to be sent for the new order you are creating)
• OrderEmailDirective - If you are sending the order notification email, the value for this field would be DEFAULT, which is indeed the default value. If you leave this blank, and enter email address in the TO column, email will be sent. If you want to suppress emails, use the value SUPPRESS
• OrderEmailVariation - If you have multiple variations of the Order Notification Email, you can specify the variation you want to be used for the Order you are creating. If none specified, the DEFAULT variation of the Order email template is used

When the file is updated with all the relevant data, save the file as a unicode text file.

Navigate to Administer >> Upload Transaction File
Browse to the location of the unicode text file
If report is needed, kindly provide the email address of the recipient
Click Submit

The Transaction Batch Report page will be displayed.
There will be one transaction for each Order that is being created with the help of the transaction file once all the transactions are completed.

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