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how i get the product

please send me information to download the product

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Re: how i get the product

  1. On the InstallShield page, click Download Products and Licenses. The Product and License Center opens.
  2. In the left navigation, under Entitlements, click Product List. The Product List page shows all of the product lines to which your account is entitled. If you do not have access to multiple products, clicking the Product List link opens the Product Information page directly.
  3. If the Product List page shows multiple products, click the InstallShield link. The Product Information page opens.
  4. In the Product and File Downloads column, click the InstallShield link for the version that you want to download. The Product Download page opens.
  5. Click the appropriate download button.


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Re: how i get the product

Products to which you are entitled can be downloaded in the Product and License Center, accessible here in the Community:

  1. Sign in to the Flexera Community (if you have not already done this)
  2. Click on "Other Resources" and select "Product and License Center"
    (Don't see this option? Read Connecting your Community Account to your Organization ) 
  3. Click "Let's Go" for the Download Center that has your product(s). If this is your first time accessing the product and you are not the main account contact,  you will be directed to a screen to submit a request for access. 
  4. Click the product name in the "Your Downloads" section
  5. Click the file link name and follow the steps to initiate the download