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Workflow for resellers selling maintenance renewals

Hi all. I was just wondering if anyone has successfully implemented an out-of-the-box workflow for resellers selling variable perpetual licence maintenance renewals without writing any custom web services or having a step involving internal employees?


We currently sell a product through a reseller, and for them to obtain a licence they can distribute to customers we have a manual form based process where they fill out the requirements for the licence and then in a day or two we create the licence and send them the code. This is slow but necessary as we never know how much maintenance they are going to sell. Ideally we would give the resellers x licences and let them configure them at the time of sale but as far as I know there is no way for the resellers to configure their licence expiration terms, or their licence custom data fields (this is how we implement perpetual licence maintenance). Giving them licences without maintenance that we update at a later time is not useful in this case because they are selling in a sector where the customer devices are activate once then taken offline pretty much indefinitely. So basically the time it takes us to make their licences is often greater than the time it takes for them to introduce the product to a customer and then sell it and hand it over to them.


Has anyone come across something like this?


Kind regards, Aaron.



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