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What is the function of SOAP interface to associate a maintenance to product line.

I can't find any command of SOAP interface to associate a maintenance to product line.

I think  I need to understand how FNO contains this relationship in data models, because the record of maintenance does not have the information of this associations.

Please tell me.

best regards.


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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Hello Ariga,

Please refer to the createProductRelationship request in the Product Packaging Service.

For example, let's say you have Product A version 2018 and you want to associate a Maintenance Product called Annual Maintenance version 1.0.  The web service would look like the following 


Best regards,


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Thanks for your quick reply. I didn't get any effective result with createProductRelationshipRequest command because it does not support for the relation ship between Maintenance and its product line.
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Sorry I had thought you meant Product vs Product Line.   Why do  you need to associate a Product Line to the Maintenance?

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When I create a maintenance with producer's portal page, it provides specifying contents to associate Produce line for maintenance.

Transaction method with CSV file also has this functionality.

But SOAP interface, I can't find this functionality to realize development of automated system for our service.

If I can't associate it , the maintenance will not be appeared in the list of products filtered out by product line.

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Thank you for the details, I now understand you are using Product Line filtering.    I agree with your findings as there does not appear to be a method to set the productCategory (Product Line) in either the createMaintenance or updateMaintenance web services.  Feel free to submit a ticket on this topic.

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