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Should I leave partner customer as UNKNOWN_ORG_UNIT or create an end user account now?

This is a bit of a "best practice" question.

I am creating an entitlement which is going through a new channel partner.  I have full information about the partner but only basic information about the end customer.    I am concerned about the flexibility of what I can change after the entitlement is deployed and, perhaps activated.  Somewhere down the line people in my company might want to track this stuff.  But right now, we don't care.

When I create the entitlement, if I just specify the partner account, FNO automatically adds UNKNOWN_ORG_UNIT to the entitlement as soon as I add a line item.

But  after the customer activates, if I want to change the end customer from UNKNOWN_ORG_UNIT to a real account, can I do that after the activation?   

Or should I go to the trouble of creating a simple customer account right now with the limited information that I have and fill things in later?   I am worried that FNO prevent me from changing things I need to change.

This is a case of knowing only a little about what I can do but having no idea what I should do so as to keep my options open in the future

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