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Flexera beginner

How can I upsell an assigned device in case of license upsell


I'm really frustrated about the guides from Flexera. 

Is there any possibility to get a document or a described process how to use the EntitlementOrderService correct in case of UPSELL or UPGRADE. In the schema I’m able to find all XML attributes, but in which case do I have to use which attributes. Do you have predefined sample files for every case? Or does exist a responsible person for this API in your company?

I would be very happy if there is anyone or anything who/which can help me with this issue.

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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Re: How can I upsell an assigned device in case of license upsell

Hi @johann_born ,

One question to you and one recommendation.

Question: does the endpoint API work in your testing, assume it is createSimpleEntitlement?

Recommendation: Is the "Product Version Upgrade" job enabled? Enabling this job is performed in the Producer Portal -> Administer | Configure Alerts / Jobs | [and scroll to the middle of the page to locate the "Product Version Upgrade" job.

To test, activate the job for say 5 minutes and then invoke the W/S endpoint API. When working as expected, that job only needs to be configured to run once a day.

Best Regards,


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