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FNO (2020 R1.1) Application Database- SQL server AWS RDS minor version upgrade

Hi Team,

This is Sandeep from Tableau database support team. We are planning to update FNO application database as suggested by AWS.

The FNO application is on version: 2020 R1.1 and backend database is a SQL server AWS RDS instance:

SQL DB Version:  SQL server 2016 (13.00.5426.0.v1) -- 13.00.5426.0 (SP2 CU8)

As suggested by AWS we have to upgrade (minor version upgrade) the SQL server version to latest patch available in SQL 2016 which will be : SQL server 2016 (13.00.5850.14.v1) 

which is equivalent to  : SQL Server 2016 SP2 CU15 (13.00.5850.14 (SP2 CU15)

Could you please confirm if the FNO application will be compatible with the upgraded SQL 2016 version.




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