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Entitlement line item: Quantity & quantity per copy

In the entitlement line item you can give a quantity and a quantity per copy. I tried reading: 

But I still don't understand it. I understand that if quantity per copy is 3 that you have 3 licenses for the product in one copy. Quantity is then the total amount of licenses you have for the product in that line item. But how do you know how many copies there are? And what is a copy?

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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Hi @testingflexera1 Line item total quantity is the Feature/Increment line in the license file - so based on the Total Quantity - Users can activate the feature in their PC or client.  For example one line item with one total Quantity then one user can activate on their client, if 5 line times Total Quantity is there then 5 users can activate the license in 5 different clients. 

Quantity/copy - After a user-activated 1 license then how many counts of the feature f1 can be used by the application. You can see the below image, this will answer clearly. 

Total Qty and Cty per copy.JPG

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Imagine we would be licensing microsoft word and a page is a feature. In this case the total quantity would be the amount of times that I can open word on the same device. The quantity per copy would mean how many pages I can add in one word instance (as a page is a feature). Is that more or less correct?

Or is total quantity the amount of different devices it can be activated upon?

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Hi, @testingflexera1 Yes your first statement and understanding are correct. 

Best Regards,