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Adding Account ID as COMMENT field in LICENSE


I am using Flexnet OPS cloud.  I want to automatically add a COMMENT field on my license file that pulls in the ACCOUNT ID of the ENTITLEMENT ID.  I would like our laboratory software to ultimately pull this into the application so when customers contact us for technical support they can state what their system registration is.

Has anyone had experience doing this in FNO?  Or even adding "CUSTOM" fields like "Support Incident" to further put some forensic identify to the license file?




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Hi @chris_kealey 

This is a common practice.  FlexNet Operations has predefined substitution variables which can be used to inject entitlement related data into one of the available license string attributes defined in the license model:  VENDOR_STRING, NOTICE, ISSUER, and SERIAL_NUMBER.   Your application can obtain these attributes from the generated license.  In your case {} is the Account ID from the Entitlement.  A snippet from the help documentation on the subject is shown below:


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I always recommend and it is frequently implemented to put the SoldTo.DisplayName in the Notice field when defining a license model.

This way the application can read this data from the license and use it in for example a help/about screen.

Example syntax for a license model Notice field for this would be:

Sold To {SoldTo.DisplayName}

Other common Pre-Defined substitution variables include:

Serial Number = {EntitlementLineItem.activationId} (if not already using this for other reason) Also {}

If you are using FlexNet Publisher TS activation including the {} can be helpful.

Issuer = Hard code company name that is issuing the entitlement and license.


Additional Note: the OP asked about a "comment" for a license file. There is a way to specify  hard coded text to appear at the top of an FNP license file by building it into the VCG, but it does not use the substitution variables.

Second additional Note: the OP asked about custom attributes to be added to a license. FNO does allow the creation of custom license attributes that essentially become substitution variables (they're just not pre-defined) that can be used in VENDOR_STRING, NOTICE, etc. See online help section title "Custom Attributes in License Strings".

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