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FlexNet Manager Suite Life Cycle Timeline

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FlexNet Manager Suite Lifecycle Timeline Application Version General Availability End of Standard Life cycle End of Limited Life cycle End of Extended Life cycle Lifecycle as of Today FlexNet Manager for Datacenters 2019 R1 2019-03-28 2022-03...
by Community Manager KPBussey Community Manager

How to Migrate an Independent SAP System to Dependent

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SummaryHow to migrate your SAP Systems in FlexNet Manager Suite 2016 R1+ without losing historical data when upgrading FlexNet Manager for SAPSymptomsAfter upgrading an older FlexNet Manager Suite to version 2016 R1+ Architect, your existing SAP Sate...
by asbeta Wanderer

All Inventories are moving to Bad Logs of Beacon

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SummaryAll Inventories are moving to Bad Logs of BeaconSymptomsAll the inventories while moving from Beacon to IM are automatically moving to "F:\ProgramData\Flexera Software\Incoming\Inventories\BadLogs\failure" irrespective of Beacon & IM hostname....
by Flexera dbarr Flexera

FlexNet Manager Suite Hotfix 2018R1-02

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SummaryAnnouncing a hotfix to FlexNet inventory agent that improves Oracle inventory, improves inventory scheduling, and repairs installation/upgrade issues on specific platformsSynopsisFlexNet Manager Suite Hotfix 2018R1-02 updates the core inventor...
by Flexera pwesthorp Flexera