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Oracle LMS Services

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Has anyone ever contacted Oracle LMS Services to get training and understanding of their licensing without initiating an audit? My manager would like to understand more about some of our Oracle licenses but doesn't want to initiate an audit by contac...
by EHacking Active participant

FNMS with SSO integration

0 1 12
I am curious if anybody has integrated FNMS (cloud) with their SSO and how users and there data were migrated?Is there a migration path for reports created under those user profiles? Or is there no migration capability?Thanks in advance for the insig...
by lmurphudd Occasional contributor

Considerations when upgrading from HTTP to HTTPS

0 7 167
Hi, I am wondering if there are any real life experience with upgrading from HTTP to HTTPS, and what kind of considerations you took when doing the upgrade. Also if there were any errors encountered when doing so?
by Flexera mcavanagh Flexera