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Our development teams are working tirelessly to provide as much value as possible in every new FlexNet Manager Suite release.  Releases are timed based on customer input regarding their scope, urgency around specific features, and implementation timing, among other factors. Based on that input, instead of a 2021 R2 release, our team plans on continuing to work on key features and release them in the upcoming 2022 R1 release.

There are many considerations we had to make to come to this decision such as:

  • The 2021 R1 release was just delivered in August
  • Some additional key enhancements have been requested for early 2022 
  • Most customers aren’t in a position to start upgrading to a 2021 R2 release in December due to change freezes at the end of the year


Due to these reasons, we have decided to postpone the 2021 R2 release and deliver even more value in the 2022 R1 release in April of 2022. In turn, the 2022 R2 release will be  moved up to October 2022 to allow you to upgrade before the change freeze kicks in.

We want to ensure you that we will continue working hard to deliver the most value possible in the 2022 R1 release. If you have any questions, please reach out to your CSM who can arrange a call with one of our Product Management team.

These changes do not impact the cloud release schedules so IT Assets in Flexera One will continue to be updated as per the existing cadence.

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Level 10

Hi @mrichardson ,

when do we expect the release of FlexNet inventory agent compatible with Windows 11 and  will that be included in 2022 on-prem release?

Flexera Alumni

Yes, this has been verified on the November release of the Flexera One agent (2021 R1.2) and so will be available in the 2022 R1 On-Premises release.

If you need it urgently before that, please let me know and I'll discuss with the agent team to see if we can publish it sooner.

Level 10

Hi @mrichardson ,

Our EUC team is planning to test windows 11 OS and the endpoints to be deployed on them and we are requested for the agent compatibility. Unless the 2022 R1 on premise is released and set up is upgrade to that version is there a possibility to test the agent available from Flexera one? or the release of 2022 for on-prem will be expedited if that is possible and by 1week of Feb is it possible.

By Level 8 Champion
Level 8 Champion

Hi Matt,

My customers are also asking about Support for Windows Server 2022.

When is this planned to be supported?

Best Regards



Level 3

Hi @mrichardson,

i assume that the 2022 R1 release will also include a new agent version. If so, will this new agent be compatible with FNMS 2021 R1?

Best regards,


By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

@SKuettler - while it isn't always guaranteed, new agent versions are typically broadly compatible with old server versions. It is possible that some data gathered by newer agents won't be understood or reported by older server versions (e.g. because the particular capability requires both agent and server-side functionality to work together).