New Hotfix updates for FlexNet Manager Suite versions 2017 R2 - 2018 R2

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The Recommended License Changes page in FlexNet Manager Suite is very useful way to identify licenses that may require a configuration change. Unfortunately an issue has been identified in version 2018 R2 and earlier where accepting a change fails to apply the proposed recommendation. As a result, the same recommendation will keep appearing on this page.

To address this, hotfix packages have been released for the following versions of FlexNet Manager Suite:

  • 2018 R2
  • 2018 R1
  • 2017 R3
  • 2017 R2

Note that version 2019 R1 and later, along with FlexNet Manager cloud,  are not impacted by this issue.

These hotfixes are available for you to download from the FlexNet Product and License Center. You may wish to refer to the article How to Access the Product and License Center.


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I have reviewed the available hotfix packages for the 2018 R2 release.  Can anyone identify what Hotfix will be needed to correct this issue?

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Hi @dsalter ,

For FlexNet Manager Suite 2018 R2, the hotfix you will want to download is FlexNet Manager Suite Hotfix 2018R2-04. There is more information available from the Knowledge Base article FlexNet Manager Suite 2018 R2.

This hotfix name for each versions is:
FlexNet Manager Suite 2018 R2
FlexNet Manager Suite Hotfix 2018R2-04

FlexNet Manager Suite 2018 R1
FlexNet Manager Suite Hotfix 2018R1-07

FlexNet Manager Suite 2017 R3
FlexNet Manager Suite Hotfix 2017R3-02

FlexNet Manager Suite 2017 R2
FlexNet Manager Suite Hotfix 2017R2-02