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A security hotfix has been released for FlexNet Manager Suite (FNMS) version 2023 R1 and is available in the Product License Center (PLC).

Name: 2023 R1 On-Premise Hotfix 2

This hotfix contains updated binaries which are to be installed on the FNMS Presentation Server (or application server if using a single-server deployment). To install the hotfix please follow instructions in the ReadMe.txt of the download package. 

This hotfix resolves the following security-related issues:

  • IOK-1069556 - SQL Injection (Reports > License Compliance > IBM PVU License Consumption)
  • IOK-1072870 - CSV Injection (Reports > License Compliance > IBM PVU License Consumption)
  • IOK-1073091 - CSV Injection (Discovery & Inventory > Oracle Instances)
  • IOK-1065567 - Asset enterprise group change history may appear against other tenant if both tenants has same enterprise groupexid
(2) Comments
Level 3


thanks for providing the hotfix.

How can we check ih the hotfix is installed in an environment)

Thanks and kind reagrds


Level 7

We have 2023 R1 Hot Fix 2 installed and with

You can display your release number by hoovering the your mouse over the gear in the top right corner of your FlexNet web interface and clicking on "FlexNet Manager Suite License"
or go to

Maybe someone can confirm if that release number indicates Hot Fix 2 is installed.