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A hotfix has been released for FlexNet Manager Suite (FNMS) version 2022 R2 and is available in the Product License Center (PLC).

Name: Hotfix 1 for FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R2

This hotfix resolves the following issues:

  • IOK-1004513 - Logging is not generated by the ServiceNowExport.exe process that exports data for sending to ServiceNow
  • IOK-1000422 - Compliance import may fail with timeout at step WriteInstalledFileEvidenceAttribute
  • IOK-1004392 - Running Config.ps1 fails at "Rebuild Reports to set and configure details for API use" step, with DB concurrency violation error in ConfigureSystem.log
  • IOK-1006447 - License consumption is 0 (despite calculated consumption being accurate) for VMs located in VM pools for SQL Server Standard Edition
  • IOK-1007075 - Virtual machines belonging to resource pools do not consume from most licenses

This hotfix contains updated binaries which are to be installed on the FNMS Batch Server (or application server if using a single-server deployment) and a SQL script which is to be run on the FNMS Compliance database.

To install the hotfix please follow instructions in the ReadMe.txt of the download package.