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FlexNet Manager Suite 2019 R2 - cloud release

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FlexNet Manager Suite release 2019 R2 introduces several new and updated features, including new views to help when you want to understand why an installed application is consuming from this license rather than that license. The Application Licenses Assessed page shows, from the latest license reconciliation, all the licenses that were assessed for authorizing a particular software installation, and gives reasons why each one was either rejected or accepted (or, perhaps, not assessed because another license had already won the prize).

Also included are:

New connection methods for the AWS EC2 connector provide increased security
Raw file path exposed for each piece of file evidence
Support for inventory of Linux KVM virtualization
FlexNet inventory agent support for 64-bit only versions of macOS.

For further information about the changes in this release, and to find a history of updates to the FlexNet Manager Suite cloud edition, please refer to the supporting documentation from Flexera HelpNet including:

Features by Release (Feature List)
Online Help
Resolved Issues

System Requirements
If you are using the on-premises edition of FlexNet Manager Suite, these updates are under consideration for inclusion in the next release.

FlexNet Manager Suite 2019 R2 is available now for testing in the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment.

Upgrades to the production environments are planned for:

EU: October 20
NA: November 11

To be notified of these kind of product updates, please ensure that you have subscribed to the FlexNet Manager Release blog.

Level 7

Can I get all the features or release notes in a single PDF file?

Level 6

Is this also for FNMS on Prem?

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@steven_donovan1 - This is only for FNMS Cloud.  FNMS On-Premises 2019 R2 will be released the first week in November.  Please be on the lookout for official announcements.

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@kclausen  thanks for the update sir.

Level 8 Champion
Level 8 Champion
Level 2 Flexeran
Level 2 Flexeran

Release update:

The upgrade to the NA production environment is now planned for November 12th.

The On-Premises release is also planned to go out on November 12th.

Level 6

When shall we expect Flexera upgraded agents for 2019 R2 PROD - cloud environment. It was supposed to release by 12th Nov 2019?

Level 4

@dparab27 if you've been upgraded (you can look under your license to validate version is now R2), just go up to the menu > Data Input > Manage Inventory Agent > Under Inventory agent for download you can select the latest versions for the updated binaries. 

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@dparab27  If it is cloud then you have to get it from the Webui.

Under Discovery & Inventory/Settings/ Scroll down to Inventory agent for download.


Level 2 Flexeran
Level 2 Flexeran

Please have a look under-> Inventory Settings - Inventory agent for automatic deployment.  It is version 14.0.0 (latest).  Let me know if you need more details.