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Target a certain network card for Rule executions using mgsipscan

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On your beacon rules that can execute (such as VMware rules) using the mgsipscan executable, however, there is no way in the GUI to set which network card you wish for the IPscan tool to actually use. Usually, it will be able to work this out witho...
by dcollins Flexera Alumni

How to configure password store and Rules-actions-options

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"ERROR: Contacted the VMware Infrastructure server but failed to login errors" These errors generally occur when either a rule’s action has been set up incorrectly and it attempting tasks that are not relevant or the password store on the beacon per...
by dcollins Flexera Alumni

How to assign subnets to a beacon

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Sometimes when applying rules to run on beacons it’s easy to forget that the beacon itself also needs an authorised rule, usually, you can see this in the discovery logs as the following- Generating subnet ranges. 0 authorized ranges, 0 included...
by dcollins Flexera Alumni

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