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How to add a custom asset type in FlexNet Manager Suite

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Summary The following SQL statements illustrate an example of how to add a custom asset type to FlexNet Manager Suite: declare @AssetTypeResourceName nvarchar(512) = 'MyOrgAssetType.ITDevice' declare @AssetTypeName nvarchar(128) = 'IT Device' decla...
by shirase Flexera Alumni

What is TOAD Evidence?

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The FlexNet inventory agent collects evidence of installed applications on a machine and generates an inventory file, known as an .ndi file. In the .ndi file, there may be evidence with the evidence type "TOAD", as shown below. <Package Name="Toad f...
by Technical Writer Flex-Jeremy Technical Writer

FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications 2021 R1 SpringFramework Service Pack

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A recent security vulnerability had been identified in SpringFramework (CVE-2022-22965) as highlighted in the previous post by our product management team https://community.flexera.com/t5/Community-Notices/Security-Advisory-Assessment-of-Flexera-s-products-exposure-to/ba-p/230099#FNMEA...
by Level 3 Flexeran sjackson Level 3 Flexeran

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