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Amending custom report visibility from the database

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Problem: You need to edit/view a private report, but the owner of the report is not available to amend the report visibility themselves. Such a situation can occur if the colleague that created the report is on leave, or taking time off sick, etc. ...
by jjensen Flexera Alumni

Output for 'ndschedag -e' on a managed device only shows a single 'Daily Heartbeat' event

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Problem: When running ndschedag -e on a managed device, the resulting output only shows the schedule for one event, named ‘Daily Heartbeat’. Solution: When a managed device downloads its initial policy following installation, this policy will inc...
by jjensen Flexera Alumni

How to remove all software usage data from FlexNet Manager Suite

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Scenario: You may wish to remove the current software usage data that is present within FlexNet Manager Suite – whether that is the raw usage displayed on Discovery & Inventory -> Raw Software Usage, or the ‘Last used date’ data that is present on...
by jjensen Flexera Alumni

FlexNet Beacon UI fails to load due to corrupted XML

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Problem: When attempting to launch the FlexNet Beacon UI, an ERROR similar to the following is presented both in the UI and within the BeaconEngine.log: [ERROR] Failed to load schedule summary from 'C:\ProgramData\Flexera Software\Beacon\schedule....
by jjensen Flexera Alumni

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