Windows Server Optimization for ESX Automation Solution

Windows Server Optimization for ESX Automation Solution


Windows and SQL Server Optimization reports and Automation for ESX servers


With the complex licensing challenges and optimization opportunities around Microsoft Licensing, the attached document details an automation opportunity to your ESX Servers to take advantage of license optimization opportunities. For example:

Microsoft Windows Server Standard licensing in virtualized environments can be challenging, as there are different options for licensing
? Either proportionally to the number of VMs hosted on the ESX with Windows Server Standard
? Either the ESX host for all its processors (prior to Windows Server 2016) or Cores (from Windows Server 2016 on)

For SQL Server, a similar rule exists:
? Either you license the Host for all its cores for SQL Server Enterprise (which covers an unlimited number of SQL Standard and Enterprise instances)
? Or you license each SQL Standard on each VM separately (with SQL Server Standard)
? Or you can even license each VM separately with SQL Server Standard or Enterprise (at VM level this time)

Windows Server DataCenter being 7 times more expensive than Windows Server Standard, there is a threshold when it is optimal to license the ESX server with one or the other license edition.
The calculation can be fastidious do do in Excel... the "Microsoft Server License Consumptions and Optimizations" report above computes the best licensing option.

The solution below automates the ESX allocations (+ all their active VMs) to the Windows Server Standard or Windows Server DataCenter licenses. This is important to set the right license names at the beginning of the allocation script.
The allocation script is scheduled (as an additional step of the daily Inventory Import and license reconciliation). It starts with deleting all previous allocations, then recalculates the optimal allocations and re-allocates all ESX and their active VMs to the Windows Server DataCenter or Windows Standard license.
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