Why inventorying vCenter would work for 5.1-5.x and not working for 4.x-5.0

Why inventorying vCenter would work for 5.1-5.x and not working for 4.x-5.0


This knowledge base article will explain the difference on the login access to vSphere between 5.1 and prior version


VCenter 5.1 has new "single sign on" authentication logic introduced in vSphere 5.1 . Hence it is different in how to permission these servers which will affact our FNMP Remote Inventory process.


BehaviorvCenter Server 5.0 or earliervCenter Server 5.1
InstallerSetup.exeAuto launcher that guides through the installation
Installation stepsSingle installer installs vCenter Server and silently installs the Inventory service.Three separate installers are available on the auto launcher. These components need to be installed the order:

Single Sign On (SSO)
Inventory Service (IS)
vCenter Server (VC)

Each of these can be installed in a different host or virtual machine.

SSO can be installed in multiple modes:
Upgrade from vCenter Server 4.x or 5.0The local operating system user or Active Directory users registered with vCenter Server can continue to work with the new vCenter Server.The upgrade process installs SSO first and then upgrades vCenter Server.

AD use case
In case of AD, if SSO is running in a virtual machine or host that is in the same domain as AD, SSO auto discovers the AD domain and joins it automatically during the SSO install process.

Otherwise, the user must log in to the vSphere Web Client and add the AD domain to SSO.

Local OS users
If you are installing SSO and vCenter Server in the same host or virtual machine, the existing local operating system users are picked by SSO. Upon upgrade, one can log in to vCenter Server with the registered local operating system user ID.

If SSO and vCenter Server are installed in different hosts or virtual machines, the former local operating system users (used for logging in to vCenter Server) are not be available to SSO. Therefore, new local users must be created in the host or virtual machine where SSO is being installed. In vCenter Server 5.1, local operating system users refer to the local users in the SSO machine.

Additional Information

For more details , please read VMware Knowledge base article

"Comparing the behavior of vCenter Single Sign On with different versions of vCenter Server (2032135)"

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