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What is the broker IP address when installing Agent 5.x?


What should the broker IP address be when installing Agent 5.x?


By default this can be left as, this refers to the IP of the server where you are installing the Agent. If you are using multiple network adapters, you can configure the broker to use the IP address of a specific network adapter.

The FlexNet Agent communicates with the FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications server using this message queue broker. These values must be the same as the Agent Host and Agent Port settings on the Add Agent screen in FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications, to facilitate communication.
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Hello, we've installed 54 FNMEA agents and did not specific a specific IP - only the FQDN of the Agent and FNMEA App server during the Windows installation wizard. We are finding that on server reboots (physical server with muliple NICs) the agent is grabbing the wrong IP at times and the Agent can't communicate. Do we need to reinstall the agent and specify the IP during the silent install or can we just change from FQDN to IP in AgentConfiguration.bat? Thanks in advance!

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@afilla - I'm not sure of the answer to your question sorry, but you may want to consider posting your question in the FlexNet Manager forum at This will reach a wider audience who may have insight than this KB article comment will have reached.

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