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Troubleshooting guide for FNMP and Inventory Manager

Troubleshooting guide for FNMP and Inventory Manager


This article provides general information on how to carry out initial troubleshooting for FNMP and Inventory Manager


This article is intended to provide guidelines on the level of troubleshooting required by consultants and partner companies, prior to logging a Support Incident with Flexera Software Support team.
It gives an indication of what is expected from First and Second Line support investigations.
Also attached to this article is a template which lays out the format for the required information, the troubleshooting guidelines covered in the linked articles (one each for FNMP and Inventory Manager) will be used for the last 2 sections of the template.
In 9.2 we re-branded our "Deployment Manager" product as "Flexera Inventory Manager", there are some changes in how Inventory Manager works compared to Deployment Manager however many processes remain the same.


The scenarios in the 2 linked articles should cover the majority of common issues and includes some quick fixes. Follow these where possible and if the suggestions covered don?t resolve the issue then escalate to support and include all the steps that you have followed!

The linked articles are:
  • Troubleshooting-FNMP: Steps for troubleshooting FNMP issues.
  • Troubleshooting-Inventory-Manager: Steps for troubleshooting Inventory Manager issues
This will prevent you being asked the same question over again. Where relevant log files are mentioned in the steps; please send them, likewise if registry checks where involved; please send a registry export.
If you are trying to explain a process you can record the steps in action using as this will make it easier to follow what steps you've already carried out.

Related KB Articles


Additional Information

Documentation is always a good place to start and can be found on the Flexera Software Support Site in:
Document Center > Software License Optimization >
Then choose either FlexNet Manager Platform or Deployment Manager / Flexera Inventory Manager and then your version. This includes release notes for each version.
Where registry settings are mentioned the abbreviation REGISTRY will be used to relate to:
  • 32-bit machines: [HKLM\Software\ManageSoft Corp\ManageSoft]
  • 64-bit machines: [HKLM\Software\WOW64Node\ManageSoft Corp\ManageSoft]
If any issues occur; check the Known Issues KB articles to see if these have been resolved e.g. Q210696 for v9.2 and also the Release notes for resolved issues.
If the error you receive says that you have too many devices and that you have 30 days to resolve then M101011 contains details on what is happening.
If you would like FNMP / IMS to perform functions not available out of the box, check with Support as this may be available via a customisation that is created by our Professional Services consultants.
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Related KB articles URL not found Troubleshooting-FNMP Troubleshooting-Inventory-Manager

Here are the updated URLs for the articles mentioned in the Related KB Articles section:


I specifically looking for this if anyone can please assist?

"If the error you receive says that you have too many devices and that you have 30 days to resolve then M101011 contains details on what is happening."



@DJasper - here is the current URL for the article that "M101011" is referring to:

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