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Run import and reconcile from the command line bypassing the batch process

Run import and reconcile from the command line bypassing the batch process

If you run into issues with reconciliation while running the import and reconcile process, Flexera support may request a verbose log of the reconciliation to help diagnose the problem. Obtaining a verbose log must be done manually from the command line. You can then direct the output to a text file. 

The method below bypasses the batch process and can also be used to get a successful import and reconciliation if there is an issue with batch processing.

  • To run a full import and reconcile from the C:\Program Files (x86)\Flexera Software\FlexNet Manager Platform\DotNet\bin directory, run the following command:

ComplianceReader.exe -us false -processremotepackages true -it ReadersAndWriters -v > c:\temp\output.txt

  • To run just the license reconcile, run this command:

ComplianceReader.exe -us false -e LicenseCreateUpdate -e EntitlementAutomation -e LicenseReconciliation -v > c:\temp\output.txt

  • You can also run a particular publisher reconcile using this command:

ComplianceReader.exe -us false -e LicenseReconciliation -overrideparams PublisherFilter=IBM  -v > c:\temp\output.txt

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Can I use these options when scheduling the process in a background task similar to the standard command:

BatchProcessTask run InventoryImport


@erwinlindemann - you would typically use BatchProcessTaskConsole.exe (rather than the non-console executable BatchProcessTask.exe) for interactive use, but with that proviso you can use a command like you've suggested to queue an inventory import job to be executed.

That will add a job to the queue; it won't run the import process synchronously like is the focus of this article.

Hi Chris,

I was looking for the command line parameters to use when using 'BatchProcessTaskConsole' for running the 'Reconcile' part of the ComplianceImport.

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