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This article covers how to configure replication on beacons to save copies of agent files when they are uploaded from the beacon.

This can be useful to allow inspection of details in uploaded files, or gathering files for troubleshooting purposes.


This can be done in a few ways. Please See KBs:

Pre 17.3  -

Post 17.3 -

If you are Pre 17.3 and don't / can't make changes to your IIS or webconfig file, you can do it another way 


On your beacon server that you wish to replicate the files. 

1. Download the ReplicateFiles.ps1 

2. Place that file in a location preferably where the replication is going to happen 

3. Modify the Replicatefiles.ps1 Default locations 

 Replicate 1.PNG
The upload location can be found in the following registry key 
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\ManageSoft Corp\ManageSoft\Common\UploadDirectory
4. Alter the items that you wish to replicate, If you wish to replicate all of them then leave the top ReplicateALL on true, as this will bypass the settings below it. 
Replicate 2.PNG
6. Open Windows Task Scheduler 
7. Edit the "Upload Flexera logs and inventories" by pressing properties 
8. On the Actions tab, Press new 
9. Configure as below 
Replicate 3.PNG

* Change the add arguments "location of file" to where you put the ReplicateFiles.ps1 

10. Press OK till exit 

This will now run every time ndupload is scheduled to run, and will replicate the files to the location specified in the replicatefile.ps1 

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Dear Team,

While doing the replication it would be take any effect on the other Beacon overloaded. Why because of each Beacon should capable only 10K devices. Please provide any link for reference. 


Sreerama Yenuga 

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