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Rendering Consumption Tab Taking Longer Than Expected

Rendering Consumption Tab Taking Longer Than Expected


This KB article addresses the issue where the Consumption tab on a license record takes longer than expected to load in FNMS 2015 because of the large amount of consumption results.


Rendering the Consumption tab for a license record can take up to 30 minutes. This issue affects license records with large consumption totals e.g. 80,000 and over.


Loading the Consumption tab takes significantly longer when there are a large amount of license records to load on the page.

Steps To Reproduce

1. Open FlexNet Manager Suite and select License Compliance
2. Select All Licenses and filter the Consumed column using 'Is greater than or equal to' and set the value to 80,000 or larger
3. Open a license record which returns the above value and select the Consumption tab


It has been verified in FNMS 2018 R1, On-Premise and Cloud, that the consumption grid can load large data (e.g. 110,000 records) very quickly. A lot of improvements have been made in UI performance since FNMS 2015.

Additional Information

The initial visit to the consumption grid for a license will take long and subsequent visits should be quick as the data is cached.
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