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Issue Summary:

­An issue was introduced in the FlexNet Manager Suite 2019 R1.2 cloud release which caused remote inventory of VMware virtualization hosts from an inventory beacon to report as the inventory beacon itself. This in turn caused inventory beacon devices to appear as if the software, installed on that virtualization hierarchy, was installed on the inventory beacon. This resulted in inventory beacons incorrectly consuming licenses.

For IBM PVU type licenses, due to their historical peak tracking nature, inventory beacons may still be erroneously contributing to your PVU peak. Any inventory beacons contributing to the peaks of PVU licenses will be visible in the IBM PVU License Consumption report.

Note: The issue of VMware virtualization hosts reporting as inventory beacons when inventoried remotely was addressed in the FlexNet Manager Suite 2019 R1.4 cloud release.


To ensure your inventory beacon(s) do not contribute to IBM PVU historical peaks, it is necessary to allocate these inventory beacon(s) to the appropriate license and then exempt that device. Any exemption made applies right back through the historical data which will remove the machine from your IBM PVU license position.

For more details of the process of allocating machines to licenses and exempting them, please refer to the online help topic Exempting Installations from Consuming Licenses.

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