Removal of light virtual machines from FNMP 9.2

Removal of light virtual machines from FNMP 9.2


Removal of un-inventoried virtual machines from FNMP


For the purposes of this document, a light virtual machine within FNMP is defined as a virtual machine that is known to exist based on inventory that has come from a VM host, but for which an inventory of the guest operating system has not yet been provided to FNMP. Therefore, a light virtual machine:
- Does not have full hardware evidence.
- Has a potentially inaccurate name and serial number.
- Does not have any software evidence.
- Does have full virtual machine properties (see the VM Properties tab of the virtual machine properties dialog).
- Will not be included in any license consumption unless manually allocated to a license which has count allocations as always installed enabled.
- Has an Inventory Source that includes the text ?/VM Host? (see the Details tab of the virtual machine properties dialog).

Under certain circumstances, duplicate light virtual machines can be created, which in turn prevents fully inventoried virtual machine being processed correctly. The migration script will remove all existing light virtual machines that are not linked to an Asset and the enhancements to the VirtualMachine.xml and RemoveMissingComputers.xml will prevent the light virtual machines from being recreated. Further cleanup of Assets can be manually applied.

The consequence of this change is the loss in visibility of virtual machines which are known to exist on a VM host and for which a guest operating system inventory has not been provided to FNMP.


Installation and Upgrade Procedures

This patch is only installable on FlexNet Manager Platform release 9.2 with Service Pack 2 installed. Service Pack 2 is available from Knowledge Base article Q213650.

The patch includes updates to the FlexNet Manager Platform database as well as files installed on your administration server.

The first step for installing the patch is to extract the contents of the zip file linked to this Knowledge Base article on your FlexNet Manager Platform administration server.

Before updating your FlexNet Manager Platform databases, it is recommended to create a backup. To apply the database updates, open a command window and navigate to the migration folder of the extracted patch contents. Execute the following command.
mgsDatabaseUpdate -nsu -i "Remove Light Virtual Machine Migration.xml"

Upon completion of the command, check the log files for any errors before proceeding with the subsequent steps.

Backup the VirtualMachine.xml and RemoveMissingComputers.xml in the folder ?C:\ProgramData\Flexera Software\Compliance\ImportProcedures\Inventory\Writer? and copy the new versions supplied in the extracted patch contents.

Additional Information

Known Issues

A number of scenarios still exist where virtual machines will not be linked to their VM host. Many of these issues arise from inconsistency in the information imported from the inventory sources. When there are conflicts in inventory between a virtual machine and the host to which it belongs, FNMP is unable to decide which VM host to link to and therefore does not link the virtual machine to the host. To resolve this issue, either resolve the conflict in the inventory sources, or manually assign the virtual machine to its current VM host.
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