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This article assumes that you have already stood up a server with SQL server, and have moved the database to that server. This article will cover the re-connection from your old connection settings to the new instance.


There are a few ways in which you can connect to your new instance.

1) Rerunning the Config.ps1 script 

This is by far the most effective way as this will change all settings. however, this does rely on having the FNMS installation files. This will also need to be ran on the batch, application, and Inventory Server. If you are running a single server setup then you just need to run it on the one box. 

a) Open Installer folder location>Support

b) Press File> Open in PowerShell admin

c) run the following command .\Config.ps1 "Config\FNMS Windows Authentication Config.xml" forceUpdateConfig

The first page that you get will be the database settings, simply update the fields of your server and instance, after that, you will need to continue through the full process. 

2)Alter the Registry

These changes will also need to be run on the batch, application, and Inventory Server. If you are running a single server setup then you just need to run it on the one box. 

a) Open Regedit 

b) Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\ManageSoft Corp\ManageSoft\Reporter\CurrentVersion

c) Change the following keys server to the servername of where your database server is 

i) DatabaseConnectionString = Driver={SQL Server};Server=ServerName;Database=FNMSCompliance;Trusted_Connection=yes;

ii) FNMPDWDatabaseConnectionString = Driver={SQL Server};Server=ServerName;Database=FNMSDataWarehouse;Trusted_Connection=yes;

iii) InventoryDatabaseConnectionString = Driver={SQL Server};Server=ServerName;Database=FNMSInventory;Trusted_Connection=yes;

iiii)SnapshotDatabaseConnectionString = Driver={SQL Server};Server=ServerName;Database=FNMSSnapshot;Trusted_Connection=yes;

Additionally, after performing one of the two options above, the Compliance database would also need to be updated to point to the new server. The Server column for the FNMPDataWarehouse and FlexNet Manager Suite connections in the ComplianceConnection table needs to be updated with the new server. This can be done with a query like so (replace YourServerHere with your new server name )

update ComplianceConnection
set Server = 'YourServerHere'
where ConnectionName in ('FNMPDataWarehouse', 'FlexNet Manager Suite')

Finally, it is recommended to restart the IIS server/iisreset to clear the IIS cache and ensure that all the changes above are reflected.

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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

If the DBs have moved, also make sure to update Compliance Connections and Business Imports where needed.

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