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Reconciliation runs multiple times

Reconciliation runs multiple times


Reconciliation could run multiple times, but there are ways revert the single reconcile behaviour


At times, the reconciliation can be triggered twice daily and could run even three times.

An example would be an inventory import from a third-party
datasource such as Tivoli Endpoint Manager or SCCM triggering a reconciliation after the import, which then runs the default nightly Inventory import and license reconcile on its schedule causing the second reconciliation. The second reconcile could also be queued due to the previous import taking time and run once it's finished.

Is there a way to only run the scheduled import and not a reconcile with it?


Customers have different requirements due to different environment sizes and circumstances when it comes to how update their Inventory Data is.

The behavior in prior to FlexNet Manager Suite 2015 R2 SP3 was when data is collected from an external datasource, the data stays staged and gets processed into the final tables (visible in the WebUI) once the default nightly Inventory import and license reconcile task is ran on its schedule.

In FlexNet Manager Suite 2015 R2 SP3 and up, this behavior changed due to more customers asking to see more up-to-date data.
Now when data is collected from an external datasource and arrives at the Application Server to process, a reconcile is triggered after the import to show your latest data in the WebUI. The Application Server would try to conserve reconciles by skipping the reconcile if another one is already running.

The ComplianceTenantSetting Table in the FNMSCompliance database contains a value that can be used to disable these non-scheduled reconciliations, therefore, the reconcile of any uploaded data will be done under the default schedule task.


If you would like to keep the previous behavior of not having your data updated when it imports and wait for the nightly reconciliation, the following query can be ran on the FNMSCompliance Database to update the value in the ComplianceTenantSetting Table to disable the reconciles after import:
UPDATE ComplianceTenantSetting SET SettingValue = 0 WHERE SettingNameID = 164

Ensure there is a backup of the FNMSCompliance database before machine this change.
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