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New log files in Compliance Reader - importer_ConcurrentDashboard-[xxxx].log

New log files in Compliance Reader - importer_ConcurrentDashboard-[xxxx].log


The compliance reader folder has logs from the partial exports that are being generated every 15 minutes, ie: importer_ConcurrentDashboard-[xxxx].log This article discusses how to limit the frequency of these exports or turn them off.


The compliancereader creates separate logs for each task like importer, IBM reconcile and export job like dashboard exports for analytics. As the ComplianceReader is run initially it creates a log file (with naming format as importer-{date}-{pid}.log) and as it starts a new operation (dashboard imports) it will create another log file. New logs are created for every new process id. Hence the tool creates a file for every process run. It will however be deleted after 30 days as is the default configuration in the ComplianceReader.config file. This can be changed in the logger configuration as required in the config file.

Partial exports: Creating, editing and deleting of some objects in the interface for FlexNet Manager Suite will trigger the partial copying of data from the compliance database to the data warehouse database. By default FlexNet Manager Suite will poll for changes every 60 seconds and if a change, or changes to data have been detected in the compliance database, a partial export will be triggered to copy those changes to data warehouse database; unless a partial export has been executed within the last 15 minutes.


You can control whether partial exports are enabled and how often they are executed using the following registry keys located here (by default, the string registry values would need to be created manually):
HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\ManageSoft Corp\ManageSoft\Compliance\CurrentVersion\BatchScheduler\

1) DashboardAutoUpdateEnabled - Controls whether partials exports are enabled pr disable
- set it to false to disable partial export

2) DashboardJobPollTimeSeconds - Controls the frequency at which the system checks for changes to compliance data.
(default value 60)
- set to 3600 to check every hour

3) DashboardJobCooldownTimeSeconds - Controls the frequency at which partial exports are executed if changes are detected
(default value 900)
- set it to 86400 to run once a day

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these registry values do not seem to exist by default. Could you please enhance the KB entry stating the key type? I guess:

  • DashboardAutoUpdateEnabled: String Value
  • DashboardJobPollTimeSeconds: DWORD (32-bit) Value
  • DashboardJobCooldownTimeSeconds: DWORD (32-bit) Value

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