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Microsoft SQL server editions can't be determined correctly if the compliance source is SCCM.


Microsoft SQL server editions (Enterprise, professional, standard) can't be determined correctly if the compliance source is SCCM.


This is because SQL server version information is stored as WMI evidence on the servers, SCCM does not collect WMI evidence so this information will not be imported into FNMP.


A SQL plugin exists for more recent versions of FNMP (8.4 and later). This plug in will run as part of Flexera Inventory Manager agent (formerly known as Deployment Manager) or part of the remote inventory task.
Customers who primarily use SCCM as compliance source can do the followings to gather correct SQL server edition information:
  • Install Inventory Manager agents on the SQL servers and the Inventory Manager agents will report inventory periodically
  • Run a scheduled remote inventory task (agentless) on the SQL servers and schedule a task to import the inventory periodically
  • Add ManageSoft as a compliance data source on FNMP, and the comprehensive inventories of the SQL servers will be imported to FNMP from Inventory Manager database.

Additional Information

If you have a customised SCCM installation that does collect the edition data for SQL Server then a custom SCCM inventory adapter can be created to import this information (there may be a chargeable service) which is an option if you do not want to install Inventory Manager.
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Does anyone know if this is still valid? Last update is 9 years ago. I have seen that SCCM may gather additional details regarding SQL Server Edition, but this additional detail exists in different tables than the OOTB SCCM Connector for FNMS.

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Community Manager

@WStephans - this information is still valid. You will generally get the best recognition of SQL Server edition information when gathering data using the FlexNet inventory agent.

Take a look at the following post for some discussion around specialized capabilities in the FlexNet inventory agent: The big choice for gathering inventory: the FlexNet inventory agent or tool "XYZ"?

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