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Issue exporting certain characters when downloading views as CSV

Issue exporting certain characters when downloading views as CSV


There is a known issue with FNMS when downloading a view in FNMS that has vowel markings, and other accent marks in the retuned data, as a Comma Delimited Value (CSV) file. This Bug causes the Uncode values of the letter to by output rather than the letter itself. 

For example, rather than outputting the letter "è", the CSV will have:


instead of the letter "á", the CSV will have:


and instead of the letter "ñ ", the CSV will have:



The 3 other export methods, XLSX, RTF, and PDF, all display these characters correctly. Downloading the data using one of these formats and modifying the file into a CSV file maintains the special characters. 

When downloading the data as an XLSX file, the file can be opened and saved in Excel using the CSV UTF-8 (Comma Delimited)(*.csv) format to automatically create a CSV. Please note that this may not work for very large data sets that reach or exceed the Excel maximum number of rows. 


At this time this is still an open bug and there is not an ETA on when this bug will be addressed. 
This bug is being tracked with the number: FNMS-66857

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Is there an update on this?  It was to be addressed in 2020 R1, but has not been.


Please advise,


@RichardBounds  The issue listed in this KB was fixed in the 2020 R2.1 Cloud release and will be part of the 2021 R1 On-premises release. 

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