Icons are missing from "Reports" page

Icons are missing from "Reports" page


This article describes a UI issue of missing icons from "Reports" page on IE and how to change the setting to resolve the issue.


Icons are not displayed on "Reports" page as depicted below.

User-added image

The picture below shows icons as expected.

User-added image


This issue is caused when "Font download" is not enabled. The icons are actually font in FlexNet Manager Suite UI and the setting needs to be enabled.

User-added image
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I got the same problem but font download is still enable. Is there any way to fix this? My FNMS 2021R1 is missing all the icon when configuring with https

@anhpham1652 - perhaps take a look at information in your browser network trace or console to see if that gives any insight into what may be failing in your setup.

Hello @ChrisG 

In network trace, I got the 500 Internal Server Error for icon files. Then I used another account and the icon appeared with 304 warning.

@anhpham1652 - it sounds like you have a non-default setting configured in your IIS server (maybe related to security hardening?) which is stopping the server from providing these files.

Some troubleshooting steps could be to look for indications of the error cause in the Windows Application event log, or logging on to the server and attempting to access problematic URLs using "localhost" in the URL rather than the actual server name.

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