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IBM Practice Guide


  • How do I configure IBM applications?
  • How do I configure IBM PVU licensing?



This is a guide to project planning, installation, configuration, and operation of FlexNet Manager® for IBM. The IBM Practice Guide has been created to help answer some of your FlexNet Manger and IBM Software License Optimization questions. This Practice Guide describes strategies for managing IBM licenses while providing IBM licensing knowledge.

We've also outlined an iterative approach (using milestones and work streams) to conducting an IBM license reconciliation project. Using this iterative approach, with each milestone and work stream, your IBM licensing position becomes more refined, optimized and mature, delivering faster results.

Additional Information

Customers, partners & employees can access the Practice Guides through the Flexera Learning Center which is part of our Customer Community. 

Flexera Learning Center: Learning Center (make sure you are logged on with your Community logon and search for Guide)

If you're not able to access the guide, please contact  

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Level 6

Is this IBM practice guide still available in Learning Center?  Don't see the IBM or Micrsoft practices when I searched.



Flexera Alumni

@craig_moore - The Flexera Practice Guides are no longer available, as Flexera was not keeping them updated.

The Flexera SAM Practice Guides have been replaced with the following program as announced here:


Level 6

Thanks, I was thinking it was going to be difficult to keep up to date given how quickly things change in the software licesning world.  Will check out the other offering.

Level 7

I have to editorialize about the erosion of the value prop of the relationship here.  The LISA licenses are pricey and are expected to be paid by individual versus the shared resources the practice guides previously represented.  Flexera's going to do what it's going to do, but I definitely feel the retreat from Flexera offering foundational knowledge to its practitioner community.



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