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How to get rid of Active Directory data for ADs going out of service


Some of these ADs are gone out of service, some of them will go out of service soon.
For the ADs which are out of service by now I deleted the respective jobs and deleted (via SQL) the data in the tables complianceuser, compliancdomain, importeduser, importeddomain, activedirectoryuser, activedirectorydomain, activedirectorycomputer in the FNMS database. But after reconciliation this data is present again. So, how do we delete this data? I noticed that there is another group of tables in the IM database, which hold this data. So, more generally: how do we get rid of old data?


Unwanted Active Directory information is removed by deleting the connection from within the BeaconUI, when a compliance import is ran this removes all of the connection data in the Inventory Manager tables and when the compliance import is ran this will remove the data from the Compliance tables.

If there is corruption in the Beacon config.xml or the AD connection information is removed directly from the config.xml file without using the BeaconUI the AD data stored in the database can be removed from the Inventory Manager tables by using the stored procedure "EXEC DomainRemove" this requires the OrganizationID for the AD connection from the Organization table as a parameter. Once the data has been removed from IM this will then be removed from the compliance tables as part of the normal import. This method is not officially supported but can be used to remove invalid data.
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