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Below is a variety of different locations where the password is used in FNMS. These instructions can also be followed if: 

  • There is a requirement to change your Service Account's username or password. 
  • Your environment has perhaps moved. 
  • Your password has already changed. 


Warning: The recommendation here is that this account should be set so that the user cannot change the password and that the password should never be changed in Active Directory. Doing so can cause several components to fail authentication and crash if not updated in the correct locations. 

Note: To avoid updating update the below manually one by one, you can skip steps #1 & #2 by running the Config.ps1 PowerShell scripts that come with every FNMS Upgrade. These scripts come with every installer package of FNMS and can be run at any time. You can use the same command in the documentation; however, replace the update config argument with forceUpdateConfig. This argument will reset all your IIS and Scheduled Tasks to their default settings. Any customization related to both will be dropped/recreated. The command would look like .\Config.ps1 "Config\FNMS Windows Authentication Config.xml" forceUpdateConfig 

  • Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS):  
    • Right-click each Application Pool and click on Advanced Settings.  
    • Under Identity, set your new Service Account username and password. 


  • Windows Task Scheduler:  
    • Right-click each schedule task under Flexera folders and select Properties.  
    • Select Change User or Group and enter your new Service Account username and password. 


  • Windows Services:  
    • Right-click each Service that starts with Flexera or FlexNet and has a Log On As value of your Service Account and  
    • Select Properties  
    • Under the Log On tab, Enter your new Service Account username and password. 


  • On each Flexera Inventory Beacon under Inventory Systems:  
    • Edit each inventory connection that is using the Service Account login and change it as appropriate. 


  • On each Flexera Inventory Beacon under Parent Connection:  
    • Select Download configuration and follow the instructions to create/download a configuration file.  
    • Once downloaded, select Import configuration to prompt you for your Service Account credentials when importing the configuration file. 


  • On each Flexera Inventory Beacon under Password Management:  
    • Change any stored passwords in the Password Store to reflect the new Service Account's username and password. 


  • Any custom Business Adapters that have stored credentials run by either the FlexNet Beacon or Windows Task Scheduler. 
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