How do I generate an NDI (Inventory File) for FlexNet Manager Suite?

How do I generate an NDI (Inventory File) for FlexNet Manager Suite?

NDI Files allow Support to investigate further a possible issue that might arise using the NDI File to replicate the issue. The following instructions can be used to generate an NDI File on the FlexNet agent:  

Note: For quicker resolutions times, please attach this file to your inbound case to Support.  

Window Devices:  

  1. Create an INVENTORY folder in the root of C  
  2. Open a Command Prompt as a local administrator  
  3. Change the directory to C:\Program Files (x86) \ManageSoft\Tracker (this is the default directory on a 64-bit machine)  
  4. Run the following command: "ndtrack -t machine -o Upload=False -o MachineInventoryDirectory=C:\INVENTORY Logging=True"  
  5. Check the INVENTORY folder as, within it, there should be a *.ndi file  

Non-Windows Devices:  

  1. Open a command prompt.  
  2. Change the directory to /opt/managesoft/bin  
  3. Run the following command: sudo ndtrack -t machine -o Upload=False -o MachineInventoryDirectory=/tmp/log/managesoft Logging=True  
  4. Ensure the directory /tmp/log/managesoft exists 

Note: Allow your Device time to generate the NDI File. These files can vary in size, and times for generation can differ depending on the Device and file size.  


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Often the support wants that you attach the NDI file to a support case, and since we do not have access to all computers to run the tracker, we have implemented a replication on the application server to store all NDI files on disk centrally for a short period of time.

But wonder if their exists any SQL statement to basically pull the needed information from the database instead of storing a replica NDI?

Hi @mag00_75 

The main reason support needs NDIs is to try and replicate the issue, or to see the data in its rawest form. 

So although it would be possible to get some of the data from the DB, its easier to get it from the NDI file. 

Many Thanks,


Senior Technical Support Engineer

Flexera Support

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