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Provides you with some guidelines to assist in maintaining the performance of your FlexNet Manager Suite product.


FlexNet Manager Suite is designed and built according to best practices with regards to performance and self-maintenance, however over time it may be desirable to perform certain maintenance and optimization tasks to ensure optimal performance. In general there are no special requirements for maintaining FlexNet Manager Suite or optimizing its operation beyond what is standard practice for any SQL Server.


Though SQL Server itself periodically performs a number of maintenance activities to optimize performance, there is a stored procedure in the FlexNet Manager Suite database that will run the SQL Server UPDATE STATISTICS procedure that will update query optimization statistics against the relevant FlexNet Manager Suite database tables. Note that this can take a while to complete:

Another option that may be useful may be to clear out unneeded data from the Compliance history table, which by default is not pruned and can grow large over time. This table may contain data that is no longer relevant outside of archival and auditing purposes, for example that which relates to devices or other entities which were deleted some time ago. In this example, records older than 1 year are deleted from the database:

DELETE FROM ComplianceHistory WHERE HistoryDate < DATEADD(year, -1, GetDate())

Note: You should carefully consider what history information is valuable for your organization before attempting to remove any data. It is recommended that you perform a database backup before making any of these changes.

Beyond these possibilities, deeper optimization of your FlexNet Manager Suite environment is something the Flexera Services team can help with. If you are experiencing actual degradation of database or product performance, the best course of action would be to contact the Flexera Support team

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Level 6

Script provided by @ChrisG at the end of this topic is much nicer and better solution for deleting the history comparing to simple DELETE FROM.

By Level 8 Champion
Level 8 Champion

Hello David,

Perhaps it is an idea to build in some Maintenance configuration option in the Interface of FNMS. This would be much easier and also better maintained with newer releases. This is something our customers are asking for already many years now.




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