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As of September 2021, current FlexNet Inventory Agent agent versions do not support AIX workload partition (WPAR) virtualized operating system environments.

There is an open idea to add support for these environments: FXONE-I-89: Agent support for AIX WPAR. If this capability is of interest to you, consider voting for the idea to help Flexera assess the level of interest.

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Has there been any update to this ie. is it now on the roadmap?



By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

@GregMisso - I updated this article to refer to the idea record that is now tracking this: FXONE-I-89: Agent support for AIX WPAR. This idea currently has a status of "Future Consideration", which means:

Idea has been reviewed and Product Team sees value in the Idea. The number of votes on the Idea will be used to help ascertain demand for inclusion in future roadmaps.

Ideas are reviewed regularly to determine status changes. No commitment is made on how long an Idea may stay in this status.

Feel free to vote on the idea to help bump up its priority.

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Do you really think that voting are the best way for optimal coverage ? While AIX not the most common OS, it may be ignored for ever...


By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

@bfaller - voting is one valuable data point which the Flexera Product team uses to help assess the relevance and usefulness of an idea across Flexera's customer base. This is combined with a range of other considerations when determining roadmap priorities. For more information about factors that are considered, check out the following page: What factors are taken into consideration for prioritizing Ideas for future Roadmaps?

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