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Failed to create stream with error: 0x80070003

Failed to create stream with error: 0x80070003


This article will provide details on Failed to create stream with error: 0x80070003


All Remote Execution tasks succeed except Generate Oracle Inventory, and only certain servers are affected.

In Remote Task Manager the tasks are failing with the error:
Failed to contact Oracle database service. Please check network connectivity and ensure that the Oracle server software is running.
- Failed to create stream with error: 0x80070003
The specific file used by oracle inventory will have an 'ond' prefix and with may be in user temp folder on the server having the problem.


This error is caused by a problem accessing the temp directory on the AS or DS doing the oracle inventory. Specifically we call the GetTempPath() windows API and then call SHCreateStreamOnFileEx() which is then reporting error 0x80070003 which means "The system cannot find the path specified".


To resolve this issue please check the paths pointed to by the following (in order) and if they are defined, check the location exists and has appropriate write permissions etc:
  1. The path specified by the TMP environment variable.
  2. The path specified by the TEMP environment variable.
  3. The path specified by the USERPROFILE environment variable.
  4. The Windows directory.
If all of these have the correct access (remember that they normally run under the SYSTEM account) then check the Scheduled task "Process ManageSoft remote execution actions" is set to run under the SYSTEM account.

Additional Information

If the above fix doesn't work, check the temp directory (Windows temp if the SYSTEM user is used) on the Distribution Servers where the task is executing to see if there are any of the following files older than 5 days:
  • tnd***.tmp
  • rp1***.tmp
  • ond***.tmp
These files are used by the Oracle Inventory process for temporary storage of the instance inventory (ond) and generated inventory (tnd) files and during normal operations these should be automatically cleaned up. In 8.5 there are a couple of known issues where a dll in the product causes mgsresa.exe to crash during Oracle processes and so these files are not cleaned.
Therefore, if there is a build-up of these files, try deleting these files and restarting the Deployment Manager Connection Agent service on the Distribution Servers and re-run the Oracle Inventory task, this should allow the task to complete. If these files continually fail to be cleaned up, contact Flexera Technical Support .
This issue with the temp files was fixed in EDS 8.6
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Dear all

looks like this problem sometimes also effects FNMS2019r1 on-prem ... in some cases. (with some old OND files going back to 2018r2)

Deleting the OND*.tmp files in c:\TEMP\  solves the problem. (the dir contained 32k ond*.tmp files)



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