FNMS - Red Hat Optimization Report

FNMS - Red Hat Optimization Report

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Goal of the document and audience

This document gives the details for one Red Hat Enterprise Optimization report, that allows to analyse the optimal licenses for virtualized environments (ESX servers and virtual machines).

This document is intended to SAM Managers that will use these optimization reports for their Red Hat Maintenance renewals assessments.

Business need and approach

Red Hat has a little bit complex licensing logic:

  • You need to be consistent within a cluster (All VMs are licensed with Server Node Edition or Virtual DataCenter Node edition)
  • The licensing rules are different for the 2 editions:
    • One license of Server Node Edition covers two VMs.
    • If a host is covered by the Virtual DataCenter Node edition license (1 license covers two Physical Processors), it can have an unlimited number of VMs with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OS.
  • When a host covers VMs with the Server Node Edition, no rounding applies: for instance, a host with 9 VMs will consume 4.5 licenses… The total number of Server Node Edition licenses across the company is however rounded up.

The report:

  • Captures all Computers, orphan VMs installed with Red Hat and Hosts that have VMs with Red Hat Enterprise Linux Operating System
  • Computes the Red Hat Server Node consumptions for Orphan VMs and Computers, rounded up (number of processors / 2)
  • For Hosts
    • Catches the number of active Red Hat Enterprise Linux VMs
    • Computes the consumption and cost for each host:
      • Of licensing with Server Node NOT rounded up (number of VMs / 2)
      • Of Licensing with Virtual DataCenter Node rounded up (number of processors / 2)
    • Evaluates the total cost for licensing the cluster in one edition or the other. One optimal license will be recommended, per cluster. Indeed, Red Hat licensing states that cluster must be licensed a uniform way: https://www.redhat.com/cms/managed-files/li-rhel-subscription-guide-f19421wg-201911-en_0_0.pdf)
    • Computes an optimal License and Optimal License consumption for each Host (depending on total cluster’s optimal license) based on the current number of VMs for Server Node edition.
    • Computes the optimization for host every time a host is optimally licensed with Server Node edition.
    • Shows the total optimization.




Red Hat - Red Hat Server Consumption and Optimization (NR)


The code for creating the view is described in the document attached.

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