FNMS 2020 R2 - Power Shell Installation Script Fails

FNMS 2020 R2 - Power Shell Installation Script Fails


When running the FNMS Installation Script, you receive an error similar to the one shown below;

"Exception calling "Extract All" with "2" argument(s): Could not find a part of the path."

Installation Problem - Large.jpg


The Power Shell script cannot find files in the installation path.


The path to the script, and the files it calls, is very long. In the above example, I copied the installation folder to  C:\Users\administrator.DomainName\Downloads. The full path to ‘InstallFNMS.ps1’ would be C:\Users\administrator.DomainName\Downloads\FNMS Downloads\FlexNet Manager Suite Installer 2020 R2\FlexNet Manager Suite\Support.

Move the ‘FlexNet Manager Suite Installer 2020 R2’ folder to the root of Drive C: and re-run the script.

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