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This article covers a known issue for FNMEA 15.5.13 where the admin account on the FlexNet domain still displays the GMT time zone even though the account has been configured with the British Time zone and has moved to BST.


Our Report Designer module didn't update the time to BST (British Summer Time) and aggregation is running an hour behind it.
Is there anywhere to configure this in Cognos? I'm waiting on daily aggregation to finish and restart the services to see if that's going to help but that won't be until later today.

This also occurs in the FNMEA interface.

Account: Administrator
Domain: FlexNet
Timezone Displayed: GMT
Profile > Time Zone: (GMT 0.0) British Time

Account: customer LDAP account
Domain: CustomerDomain
Timezone Displayed: BST
Profile > Time Zone: (GMT 0.0) British Time

Admin Server Location: UK
System time configured: BST

Reporting Server Location: UK
System time configured: BST

Steps To Reproduce

Customer logged in as the administrator at 10:56am (per the system time clock) and navigated to Admin > Logged-In Users, the Date of Last Login displays the time as 9:56am.

However, when logging in with the customer's LDAP account these times match.


This has been logged as a product issue under FNMEA-9134 and is fixed in FNMEA 2016 R2.
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