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Error when beacon is downloading importer.xml

Error when beacon is downloading importer.xml


This article covers an error you may encounter if your inventory beacon does not have enough free disk space.


We are seeing a different error in the importer logs on the inventory beacon server where it cannot download the importer.xml.

Downloading item 'importer-xml' using URI 'http:///inventory-beacons/api/download/importer-xml'. The import process has failed with the following error: Error: Download failed for item http:///inventory-beacons/api/download/importer-xml. Connection timed out


System.IO.IOException: There is not enough space on the disk when downloading the usage.xml file.


Looking at the error, it appears that the beacon does not have sufficient disk space to download the required files. If you try moving the IntermediateData onto the D:\ drive or any other files filling up the C drice this should provide additional space.
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Beacon server does have space, but still getting the same error.

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