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This article covers a known issue when you attempt to delete expired keys from FNMEA.


We're seeing the error when trying to delete Inactive Concurrent Licenses.

See main error (Error: Transaction failure) in flexnet.log:
2017-01-30 14:59:54,393 ERROR [plt.persistence] [http-] [Incident# 3943-938977] failed to commit transaction :[Incident# 3943-938977] com.flexnet.platform.exceptions.FLEXnetOopsException: An unknown error has occurred. Please contact the FLEXnet administrator. [Incident# 3943-938977]
2017-01-30 14:59:54,393 ERROR [plt.actions] [http-] Failed to perform the operation
[Incident# 3943-938977] com.flexnet.platform.exceptions.FLEXnetTransactionException: Transaction failure. See the FLEXnet application log for details. [Incident# 3943-938977]


Looking into the error provided, it appears that this is a known issue tracked under FNMEA-5985 that is currently scheduled to be fixed in FNMEA 2017 R1. This only appears to affect agent 5.x, but does not affect agent 4.x.
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