Does FlexNet Inventory Agent support IBM Z Mainframe?

Does FlexNet Inventory Agent support IBM Z Mainframe?


This article discusses the current support status around the IBM Z Mainframe.


Does the FlexNet inventory agent support IBM Z Mainframe operating systems such as the following?

  1. z/OS V2.x
  2. Linux on Z
  3. z/VM
  4. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x for System Z
  5. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.x for System Z


The FlexNet inventory agent does not currently support IBM Z Mainframe systems.

Additional Information

The following idea to support Linux on Z systems is being tracked in the Ideas portal: ITAM-I-176. Please vote for this idea if it would be helpful for your organization.

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The Status of this case

An enhancement request to support Z systems is being tracked under IOJ-1754050.

Do we have any workaround to get discovery data from IBM mainframe servers. 

If yes, please provide the details. 

@Vijayflexera  - The workaround is to use another Discovery Tool that supports the mainframe, such as TAD4Z and then import the inventory from that tool into FlexNet Manager.

Thanks for your inputs! But Tivoli licenses need to be procured or any free versions available for usage. 

@Vijayflexera - I am not aware of any free products (Tivoli or otherwise) that can gather hardware and software inventory from IBM mainframe environments and make it available in a form that would be suitable for importing into FlexNet Manager Suite. I only know of commercial products that cost money.

Any update on the enhancement request IOJ-1754050?

This enhancement request is still pending. At this time we do not have an ETA on when this would be added to the Inventory agent. 

We are also interested in an agent version running under zLinux.

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